Treatment for Cardiovascular Health

 Nutrition is an important part of keeping your heart healthy. Eating poorly can cause deposits in your veins and arteries, leading to cardiovascular disease and potentially serious illness. It can also prevent you from recovering from a heart attack or another heart condition.

The comprehensive individualized lab testing we provide is the right tool to determine what nutrients are deficient, and what supplements can help protect you against cardiovascular disease.  Our nutritional and lifestyle counseling provides our patients with one of the most important components of a healthy cardiovascular program. Each patient is given a CardioMetabolic Risk Assessment, which indicates your risk for developing cardiovascular disease, including stroke and diabetes.

There is compelling evidence that deficiencies in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are a major contributor to cardiovascular disease and its symptoms.

Kathleen, our nutrition counselor can teach you about heart-healthy foods and show you how to eat well without exceeding the number of calories you need. We’ll help you choose a high-fiber diet that includes a variety of vegetables and fruit and the right amount lean protein. Our cardiologist and counselor can help you adopt healthier eating habits with continuing education and guidance.

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