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I have worked together with Kathleen at Pleasanton Family Wellness Center for many years. I refer many patients to her for guidance on nutritional counseling, and micro-nutrient testing. Kathleen is very passionate, dedicated, and knowledgeable about the work she does. Every patient is very impressed with all that she does and report life changing results. She has helped so many people with conditions ranging  from cancer to ADHD. I have had my own family tested. I am always impressed and am happy to give my unreserved testament to her efforts and techniques.

Very Sincerely,

James C. Good, D.C


Since we have started using Kathleen for nutritional counseling for our patients it has really made a difference in their overall health. They learn proper eating habits as well as exercise which is beneficial in all aspects of their lives. I recommend her services as a health care professional who is interested in preventive health.

Nabil Abudayeh, M.D.

Dear Kathleen,

            I contacted Kathleen at the Pleasanton Wellness Clinic in August 2018.  I live over 300 miles away and was very weak and in poor health, yet was not getting much help where I live.  On a referral from a friend, I contacted Kathleen.

She immediately went to work to gather the information needed to get started.  She sent a kit for blood testing to me and set it up for a specialty lab in my town to process the extensive blood work.  Even before that came back she discussed my case with Dr. Grabowski , and they decided on the natural supplements (of the highest grade) to begin with.

She called almost every day to see how I was doing!  What health care professional has ever done that!  When the testing came back, she consulted with Dr. Grabowski, and they decided on additional supplements to fill in where my tests showed very low.  Again, she called frequently to check in on how I was doing.  In addition, she is always available when I call her (even on weekends!).

Now almost two months into my wellness plan, I am doing so very much better I can hardly recognize myself.  I haven’t felt this well in YEARS!  We are still working on healing this 70 year old body, and I am feeling younger every month!

God Bless Kathleen, all the wonderful people in her clinic and Dr. Grabowski for the tireless hours they have spent just on my case!  I am now able to look forward to achieving a more normal life,  having energy,  and being able to enjoy activities and feeling GOOD!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

Love and Blessings, Lynda

Lynda Lepore, Your Content Goes Here

Hi Kathleen,

Its been almost to years since I came to you. I had spent almost $10,000 in treatments on my left elbow for tendonitis. I had been to a chiropractor, acupuncturist, and a orthopedic doctor. None of these worked. Then I came to you! You did a blood work up on me. The results came back and I was in pretty bad shape. You were able to come up with a health program to solve my issues. My system was not absorbing nutrients which was causing my inflammation. I have stuck to the plan. Which was a major change in diet and vitamins. In 11 weeks I lowered my  cholesterol by a 100 points and all my inflammation went away. To this day I have dropped 35 pounds and have never felt better.

Thank You,

Curtis Orloff, Your Content Goes Here

     I started working with Kathleen in December 2017 after I was diagnosed with Graves Disease.  This disease is not an easy one to overcome and as I started to research how it is treated with standard medicine and all the side effects that would cause, I was so disheartened.  I had tried working with a naturopathic doctor and I only got worse.  My condition was very serious.  My heart rate was incredibly elevated, I was very weak, I lost 15 pounds, had chronic eye pain, vision problems, horrible brain fog, depression, anxiety attacks, and had significant muscle tremors.  A friend of mine recommended Kathleen and said she could help me.  When I first met with her, I was so taken by her genuinely compassionate nature.  She is like your mom or your sister, how she cares so deeply about what you are experiencing, the pain you are in, and she deeply wants to help you to heal using her God-given ability in my opinion to bless the lives of others.  Working alongside of Dr. Grabowski and after having me do some very thorough labs, Kathleen prescribed natural supplements that I have taken since January 2018.  During that time I also had to start taking methimazole because of the severity of my disease.  That was 8 months ago.  I am happy to say that I am one of the very few Graves patients that beat the odds and I am now completely off medication as of June 2018.  My thyroid is testing normal.  I no longer have Graves.  I attribute this miracle first to all the prayer I had covering me and to God for healing me, but also to him bringing Kathleen into my life to use her expertise to help me to overcome Graves.  Most Graves’ patients stories are not like mine.  They end up having their thyroid removed or radiated eventually because medication only controls symptoms, not the disease.  Kathleen knew that the right nutrients would be a large part of healing for my body and it turns out she was right. Standard medicine did not get me to where I am today.

I cannot recommend her enough.  She has been a huge blessing to me and I will always be grateful to her for all of her and Dr. Grabowski’s help, wisdom, and kindness towards me.


Lorene Catto

Lorene Catto, Your Content Goes Here
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