Curtis Orloff

Testimonies   •   Sept. 20, 2018

Hi Kathleen,

Its been almost to years since I came to you. I had spent almost $10,000 in treatments on my left elbow for tendonitis. I had been to a chiropractor, acupuncturist, and a orthopedic doctor. None of these worked. Then I came to you! You did a blood work up on me. The results came back and I was in pretty bad shape. You were able to come up with a health program to solve my issues. My system was not absorbing nutrients which was causing my inflammation. I have stuck to the plan. Which was a major change in diet and vitamins. In 11 weeks I lowered my  cholesterol by a 100 points and all my inflammation went away. To this day I have dropped 35 pounds and have never felt better.

Thank You,